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Fixed Income Bond

Our team are focused on providing you with personalized engagement, diverse investment opportunities, and consistent positive returns.​ ​


1. We Strategize

FalconCo Fixed Income uses a simple but effective strategy to generate returns for its investors. The company pecialises in foreign currency trading, which it uses to generate income that pays investors.

2. We Provide Consistency

By generating two sources of income, wholesale trading income and transactional commission income, the company provides investors with a consistent and reliable return on their investment.

3. We Generate Revenue

Our unique position allows us to generate commissions on both buy-side and sell-side foreign currency transactions, generating most of our profits through these trades.

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4. We Generate Growth

Moreover, our experience in foreign currency markets means we can take advantage of market volatility and generate returns for our investors in both rising and falling markets.

5. We Enable Security

We believe that adhering to the highest standards of regulation and security can provide our investors with peace of mind that their investment is safe.

6. We Protect Value

Although investments are never 100% risk- free, we believe that our focus on capital protection provides our investors with the best possible chance of generating a return on their investment.

Traction & Company Roadmap


Formation of the original comapny in the UK


Closed first two funds returning over 300% to investors.


Publicly launched first fund in the fixed income niche.


Launch of second alternative asset funds.


Launched first alternative investment fund (Art + Classic Cars).


Proposed launch of other alternative asset funds and a bespoke technology platform.